Weekly Photo Challenge: OOH, SHINY!

This week’s photo challenge: “[W]hat is guaranteed to distract you? What is your ‘Ooh, shiny!’?” * Honestly, my guaranteed “ooh, shiny!” is dragonflies…and to a (slightly) lesser extent, butterflies. But, as Andrea (WordPress’s challenge author this week) talked about butterflies already in the challenge description (and I just recently talked about dragonflies myself!), I decided […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: DENSE

This week’s photo challenge: “This week, let’s get into the thick of things…share your take on β€œdense.”” * A tree (cherry? apple? something else? I’m not sure!! I think cherry…), dense with flowers. I love Spring!! πŸ™‚ * Pic taken at Maymont Park, Richmond, VA, last weekend.

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Daily Blogging Prompt: PLEASURE

Today’s blogging prompt from WordPress was the single word: PLEASURE. * The constant (as in, pretty much every time they go outside, they bring me something!) gifts of vegetation I get from my kids this time of year are part of what make the summertime season special. Flowers, petals, leaves, interesting blades of grass, rocks, […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: INTRICATE

This week’s photo challenge: “Intricate: what does it mean to you? Show us your interpretation.” * I would have called these little yellow flowers “simple” until I saw them contrasted against the brick today – and then I really saw them. I’ve always liked Spring, but this is the first Spring I can remember wherein […]

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