Aperture Experiments

When I was first venturing out of full auto mode on my camera, one of the first things I did was try Aperture Priority mode. I think my very first day with that setting produced these geese pics: I love these for some reason! I guess because my goal in photography isn’t (at least most […]

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Camera Experiments

Now that I’ve had my new camera for a month, I’m slowly getting less worried about damaging it accidentally (it’s the most expensive piece of equipment I’ve ever owned!) and a little more bold about seeing what it can do. It’s been interesting! As far as a photography knowledge-base: I’ve been trying to feel my […]

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Because We Need More Roses (or, shall we just say, “pretty things”?) In the World

There’s something about Spring that inspires me to get outside and take walks. Not that I don’t like walking outside in other seasons…but the urge is amplified in the springtime. That there’s always something new to see is the lure for me, I guess: the trees start budding, and then the flowers come out, and […]

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Happy Spring!

I took a nice first-day-of-Spring walk today with my girl. A little muddy…but that’s no problem when you have rain boots! We saw geese (which I’m mildly afraid of.) We also saw turtles (which aren’t at all scary…and are actually kind of cool to watch sunning themselves.) And we rounded things out with a stop […]

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