Discover Challenge: HOPE GONE VIRAL

This week’s Discover Challenge, from WordPress’s Daily Post editors: “…[T]ake a moment to speak out about an act of kindness that you’ve come across recently. As the year comes to a close, find that glowing ember of hope that makes you excited for 2017.” * I love this week’s challenge. I think it’s not only […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: NEW HORIZON

This week’s photo challenge from WordPress: “[W]e’re challenging you to think ahead and show your work in a representative photo. If you set New Year’s resolutions, give them some thought a few weeks early. If resolutions aren’t your style, show us something that you want to achieve — it could be setting a new goal, […]

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A Journey in Pictures and Song (or, Weekly Writing Challenge: SNAPSHOTS)

Below is my take on this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, put out by WordPress.  This week, the theme was “Snapshots” – essentially a challenge to describe a scene in words that you would otherwise take a picture of.  I’ve probably taken too many liberties with this theme; I doubt what I’ve written here really qualifies […]

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Coming Into the Holiday Season

There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel…I don’t know. I used the word “melancholy” in my last post when I was referencing this feeling – and I chose that word because I couldn’t come up with a better word choice. It’s sort of the right choice.  But not quite. Here’s the […]

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