Mindfulness & Me

I’ve been interested for quite some time now in both the idea and practice of mindfulness. (You can see that interest sprinkled all over this blog!) Mindfulness – the need for it, the attempts to develop it, the changes it brings when I manage to be effective with the practice of it – touches every aspect of […]

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Discover Challenge: WITNESS

This week’s Discover Challenge: “Who is your witness? Who sees you when you write (or draw, or snap a photo)? Do you ever imagine anyone observing you, whether over your shoulder or from across the room? Whether it’s a person, an animal, an inanimate object, or something else entirely, publish a post — in prose […]

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Red String Magic

I was straightening up today and came upon some yarn I’d given my daughter for some game she was playing. It was red yarn, a string of it. And it got me thinking again about something I read a week or two ago, via WordPress’s Daily Post: “The “red string” is an ancient belief that […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

On the one hand, it’s a sidewalk in a stereotypically suburban area. (Near Fairfax, Virginia, to be specific.) There’s nothing particularly wrong with this area…but nothing particularly right about it either – “right” being defined as interesting or compelling or captivating in any noteworthy way. It’s clean, it’s safe. It’s suburbia. But that’s only one […]

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