Tuesdays of Texture (#5)

For the Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge this week: * The Merriam-Webster Dictionary actually defines the word texture as: “The way that something feels when you touch it.” I looked it up because I realized after taking the above image that I never consider smooth things when I think about texture – so I wanted to […]

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Aperture Experiments

When I was first venturing out of full auto mode on my camera, one of the first things I did was try Aperture Priority mode. I think my very first day with that setting produced these geese pics: I love these for some reason! I guess because my goal in photography isn’t (at least most […]

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Natural Light is So Beautiful!

I’m interested in learning about how to manipulate light as a photographer – both natural and artificial. But I have to admit: there’s nothing more exciting to me, photographically-speaking, than those moments when I have my camera in my hand and the natural light is just right. Natural light, for me, is where the magic […]

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