Lists of 5: Round Four

It’s time, I think, for another “Lists of 5” post – if only because I have time on my hands tonight, and I find that I’m in the mood! I do have fun with these – but more than that, they’re personally interesting to me because I find I can tell a lot about myself […]

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Lists of 5 (A Third Round)

The last time I did this, I noted that I planned to do it again in six months. I’m about two months early, I realize! But I was in the mood. So: The Last Five Books I Read (in order from most recent) The Zahir, by Paulo Coelho (I just started this one. I’m never […]

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More Lists of 5

A few months ago (on April 17th, to be exact,) I pulled myself out of a mini blogging slump by responding to a writing prompt that suggested taking the last five books you read (or songs you listened to) and using those to try to analyze something about yourself. (Here’s the original prompt. I responded […]

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Some Lists of 5

I’ve been feeling a little under-inspired when it comes to posting anything here lately. I want to, in theory…I’ve even started a couple of posts. It’s just not coming together. And then what do I chance to read a few minutes ago but this post from WordPress: “Five Posts to Write Right Now.” The first […]

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