2 Books, 2 Movies, 7 Songs

It occurred to me today that I’ve had the same seven songs on heavy rotation lately. And also that I’ve been unusually engrossed in two particular books. And also that I keep coming back in my head to the same two movies. This is rather odd behavior for me. My entertainment choices, as a rule, […]

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Lists of 5: Round Four

It’s time, I think, for another “Lists of 5” post – if only because I have time on my hands tonight, and I find that I’m in the mood! I do have fun with these – but more than that, they’re personally interesting to me because I find I can tell a lot about myself […]

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Lists of 5 (A Third Round)

The last time I did this, I noted that I planned to do it again in six months. I’m about two months early, I realize! But I was in the mood. So: The Last Five Books I Read (in order from most recent) The Zahir, by Paulo Coelho (I just started this one. I’m never […]

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More Lists of 5

A few months ago (on April 17th, to be exact,) I pulled myself out of a mini blogging slump by responding to a writing prompt that suggested taking the last five books you read (or songs you listened to) and using those to try to analyze something about yourself. (Here’s the original prompt. I responded […]

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Some Lists of 5

I’ve been feeling a little under-inspired when it comes to posting anything here lately. I want to, in theory…I’ve even started a couple of posts. It’s just not coming together. And then what do I chance to read a few minutes ago but this post from WordPress: “Five Posts to Write Right Now.” The first […]

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