I’ve found, as time has passed and I’ve grown older, that certain music has become part of a kind of “personal soundtrack.” I’m written before here about my experience of music and memory. And I think this is a profoundly true statement: “In memory, everything seems to happen to music.” ~Tennessee Williams But this “soundtrack” […]

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Song of the Summer

I suppose I should clarify (for anybody who clicked on this thinking they might find something that is NOT geeky) that what I meant by the title of this post is that this is the song of MY summer…mine and my kids’. And I’ll clarify further that you have to pair the song with the […]

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Weekend Songs :)

I’ve been playing this particular Imagine Dragons song almost constantly for the last couple of days (in my head if not actually on a music player). I would say it’s been “stuck” in my head – but “stuck” implies that it’s annoying…and I’m really not annoyed!! I think I might just be in an Imagine […]

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