Through My Eyes

I’ve posted this photo here before: It’s of my kids, from last summer – and it’s actually one of my favorite portraits of them. I’m intrigued by the way it captures something essential about each of them, despite the fact that you can’t see their faces. Take my son (who loves to climb anything and […]

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Breaking Out the Paints

My kids had a day off from school today (some teacher in-service thing.) It’s actually really nice for me. Partly because I just enjoy watching them create. But also because they get really “zen” about it. They both love art, and are pretty good artists – and proud of it. They’re quite ambitious about what […]

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Aperture Experiments

When I was first venturing out of full auto mode on my camera, one of the first things I did was try Aperture Priority mode. I think my very first day with that setting produced these geese pics: I love these for some reason! I guess because my goal in photography isn’t (at least most […]

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Black and White Experiments, Part 2

My interest in black&white photography continues to grow – and was massively accelerated a few days ago when I came across some examples of the work of photographer Kevin Saint Grey. His images encapsulate everything that appeals to me about shooting in B/W: When texture and line, light and darkness, and form are allowed to […]

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