Weekly Photo Challenge: OOPS!

This week’s photo challenge: “This week, share a photographic “Oops!” moment with us. The fiasco could be what’s in the picture: anything broken, jumbled, or otherwise cringe-worthy (ugly sweaters are encouraged!).  Or it could be something in the photo-taking itself, from the tip of your finger ruining a meticulously framed panorama to an inopportune shadow messing up a family […]

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Technicolor Interactions

I might be a little late to the party, talking about this (I believe this exhibition was in 2010) – but I just saw this clip for the first time recently via Twitter. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Before I go on, here it is: * Watching this affected […]

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Through My Eyes

I’ve posted this photo here before: It’s of my kids, from last summer – and it’s actually one of my favorite portraits of them. I’m intrigued by the way it captures something essential about each of them, despite the fact that you can’t see their faces. Take my son (who loves to climb anything and […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ENDURANCE

This week’s photo challenge: “Show us what endurance means to you.” I know you can’t even see their faces! But I love this picture. I realized just now that the reason has something to do with endurance. * It’s that things change….life happens….the world spins. But my mom and dad pretty much always end their […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BETWEEN

Photo Challenge: This week, capture something between two things, reflect on the process of transition, or interpret this word in your own way. My daughter Mae, at 5, sits right now on the cusp of baby and big kid. She is, I think, exactly “between” the two right now. She’s counting down the days until […]

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