Discover Challenge: HERE AND NOW

This week’s Discover Challenge from WordPress’s Daily Post: “It can be so easy to lose track of the present — the very moment you’re experiencing right now. …This week, we want you to choose a moment and capture it in the medium you love best.” * I was waiting outside of my kids’ school to […]

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Tuesdays of Texture (#5)

For the Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge this week: * The Merriam-Webster Dictionary actually defines the word texture as: “The way that something feels when you touch it.” I looked it up because I realized after taking the above image that I never consider smooth things when I think about texture – so I wanted to […]

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(Literal) Reflections

About two months ago, I read a piece on the art site, My Modern Metropolis, titled “San Francisco Cityscapes Reflected in Fragmented Puddles.” I haven’t looked at puddles the same way since! Or ponds – or any other collection of water that might possibly give me a chance to take a picture as interesting as […]

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