Weekly Photo Challenge: RELAX

This week’s WordPress photo challenge: “[S]hare a photo that makes you feel as relaxed as a cat taking a peaceful nap on a pillowed bench.” * I suppose actually DOING yoga MIGHT be more relaxing & stress-relieving than losing my mat to my dog! But she loves sleeping there so much and is so constantly […]

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In Praise of Sensory Deprivation

Since I can’t go to a spa or a nature retreat or someplace else equally relaxing and removed from the world right now (deserted tropical island would be nice!), I’m thinking I might need to get into a pool soon. This image – of my son floating in gently moving water, ears submerged (so surrounded […]

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Feeling Blue?

I’ve been feeling a little anxious lately (a lot anxious, actually)…and a little blue. I should note that yesterday’s yoga, in addition to being helpful in and of itself, also culminated in my taking pictures (like the one I showcased yesterday) – and that when you’re engrossed in taking pictures like that one, it’s rather hard […]

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