Anxiety and Mountain Pose

As established yesterday, I want to make more of an effort, going forward, to write about the “tools” I’ve gathered in the last year or so that have helped (and continue to help) me in managing anxiety. But before I jump in, a short disclaimer: I am in NO WAY anything remotely resembling a medical […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: RELAX

This week’s WordPress photo challenge: “[S]hare a photo that makes you feel as relaxed as a cat taking a peaceful nap on a pillowed bench.” * I suppose actually DOING yoga MIGHT be more relaxing & stress-relieving than losing my mat to my dog! But she loves sleeping there so much and is so constantly […]

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In Praise of Sensory Deprivation

Since I can’t go to a spa or a nature retreat or someplace else equally relaxing and removed from the world right now (deserted tropical island would be nice!), I’m thinking I might need to get into a pool soon. This image – of my son floating in gently moving water, ears submerged (so surrounded […]

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Feeling Blue?

I’ve been feeling a little anxious lately (a lot anxious, actually)…and a little blue. I should note that yesterday’s yoga, in addition to being helpful in and of itself, also culminated in my taking pictures (like the one I showcased yesterday) – and that when you’re engrossed in taking pictures like that one, it’s rather hard […]

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