Life Attracts Life (revised)

[NOTE: I published what’s turned out to be the first draft of this post in late-October 2014. I wrote the original in kind of a free-form manner, just playing with some ideas. But the ideas have really stuck with me and I’ve been wanting to revise the post and clarify a few of my points […]

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Getting to the Roots of a Problem

One thing that’s becoming quite clear to me (as I write what is turning out to be something of a post series here) is that I’m feeling particularly drawn right now to imaginative ways of approaching my life. I think it’s because I’ve been struggling. And there are two ways to look at that kind […]

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Three Transformative Books

I read Journey Into Power, by Baron Baptiste, in January of 2013. I had decided I wanted to get into yoga more heavily that year (that was my New Year’s resolution, in fact.) But I don’t know why I picked up that particular yoga book over any other. It was a random thing. (Though are […]

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years (or, I’m Turning 40 This Summer!)

It’s impossible to contemplate aging (as prompted by WordPress’s writing challenge this week) without considering the fact that I’M TURNING 40 THIS SUMMER!!! Yes, the big 4-0. Most of the time, I’m comfortable with this reality. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it. I like milestones. I like those moments that ask you to […]

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