Tuesdays of Texture: May 9, 2017

I love the delicate new leaves of springtime – looking at them, photographing them. (And the contrast here between the mature branch and the new growth seemed like a good contribution to Tuesdays of Texture, too!) My son asked me to take this shot particularly because he noticed that this little baby branch with its […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: EARTH

This week’s photo challenge: “[S]hare an image that means โ€œearthโ€ to you โ€” whether itโ€™s a panorama of a landscape that takes your breath away, a close-up revealing a detail in nature, or another scene that honors the outdoors…” * I’m not sure how it is that I never noticed this before – but baby […]

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Tuesdays of Texture (#7)

For this week’s Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge: This was taken this past Monday morning in Northern Virginia – where we got nearly three feet of the white stuff!! No power loss or anything like that…so it’s actually been a pretty fun adventure. The world feels (not to mention looks) very different buried in snow! […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FRESH

This week’s photo challenge: “…[S]hare with us a photo that expresses something fresh.” * There’s something about the green of this moss. I keep taking pictures of it! I think it’s because it’s the brightest (and “fresh”-est!) color I’ve seen since summertime. And I’m SOOO ready for Spring!!

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