Daily Blogging Prompt: TOURIST

Today’s blogging prompt from WordPress is the single word, “TOURIST.” * I’ve been spending some time sorting photos lately – and I just came across this one yesterday. I think it might be the best visual representation of “tourist” I’ve ever taken!: * I mentioned previously that I’m getting ready at the moment to leave […]

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Tuesdays of Texture (#6)

For this week’s Tuesdays of Texture photo challenge: The Botanic Garden was displaying replicas of several DC structures, as a matter of fact. They were all pretty cool…and very full of textures! The White House, I admit, looked a little haunted-house-ish to me. But I’m not criticizing!! The replicas were so detailed and amazing. It […]

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What’s Past is Prologue

May clearly hasn’t been the most prolific blogging month I’ve ever had. My last post, I just noticed, was from May 2nd, nearly three weeks ago! I didn’t realize quite that much time had slipped by. I guess it has because I’m – now that I think about it – in one of those moments […]

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Aperture Experiments

When I was first venturing out of full auto mode on my camera, one of the first things I did was try Aperture Priority mode. I think my very first day with that setting produced these geese pics: I love these for some reason! I guess because my goal in photography isn’t (at least most […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: DESCENT

From this week’s photo challenge: “This week, show us your interpretation of descent.” * I might possibly be interpreting “descent” too loosely for the challenge…I don’t know. But having taken this picture, I can’t make myself satisfied with any other interpretation now, I find! So: * I actually went downtown (Washington, D.C.) on purpose yesterday […]

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Black and White Experiments, Part 2

My interest in black&white photography continues to grow – and was massively accelerated a few days ago when I came across some examples of the work of photographer Kevin Saint Grey. His images encapsulate everything that appeals to me about shooting in B/W: When texture and line, light and darkness, and form are allowed to […]

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