My 5 Most-Viewed Posts of All-Time

Okay – as described yesterday, I’m going to devote a few posts coming up here to some blog-archive-based lists. I’m starting with the one that is the most straightforward to compile: a brief list (with a little commentary!) of my most-viewed posts, courtesy of my blog stats. So: MY TOP 5 MOST-VIEWED POSTS OF ALL […]

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Exploring the Blog Archives

I mentioned that I’ve been going back through my blog archives the last few days – looking for things that might need an edit (or a deletion), spot-checking some of my old links to see if they still work, etc, etc. “Housekeeping,” basically. Well, in the process, I’ve been reacquainting myself with various posts that […]

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Presence is the Key

“When you find you are straining, whether in a yoga pose or in life, you’re probably trying too hard. Your ego is in it, and you are driven by an ambition that ultimately creates imbalance and suffering. This is the point when you should ask yourself: Where am I holding on? Am I holding on […]

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Rediscovering Art, Part 2

When I reconnected with my ability to immerse in visual art, it was like I filled up an empty place. I hadn’t even realized how much I’d missed that side of myself – the side that loved art and loved museums – until I had it back. Museums were like church for me when I […]

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